Orange Ranunculus and Daisies 16

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Hi there! I hope you are having a great week! Today I have a 24" x 24" painting to share with you that I was inspired by Nancy Medina's Orange Ranunculus and Daisies video tutorial and a lot of encouragement from my sweet husband. All this painting takes a lot of practice but my dear husband's patience is wearing thin because I keep telling him "I'm just practicing" but he's ready to see some art work hung around the house ;) LOL  ***Please keep in mind, this style of painting is impressionistic not realistic***

Here's my first attempt. I had painted the transparent underpainting and had worked on the vase which was quite large and lopsided. 
With a little effort and a lot of turpenoid, I removed the entire painting and was left with the semi stained canvas shown below:
I'm linking my painting to the current Paint Party Friday post:
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Be Sweet ;)
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Ros Crawford said...

I'm with your husband... HANG IT ON THE WALL!!! It's fabulous!!!

Giggles said...

Hubby is so right!! Stop being so hard on yourself.. do you have an idea how stunning your art is?... Oh my goodness it is so fabulous and so show worthy. I would never tire of staring at your paintings. Your dimensions,and colour combination are a step above!!Love them all...this is no exception! You are so inspirational!

Hugs Giggles

alexandra s.m. said...

I only wish I had a tenth of your talent!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I agree with your is so pretty hang it on a wall.

Anonymous said...

Stunning Mona!!You are so talented!!! I hope things are going well? I pray and think about you all the time!

Lisa Elton said...

I think everyone is going to agree with Scott, hang up your beautiful work Mona!! Thanks so much for your comment today and the prayers for my sister-in-law. Hugs

Samra said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! This is so gorgeous Mona!!! I love the colors and the flowers look stunning! BRAVO!!!
Paper Talk with Samra

Cheryl W. said...

That. Is. Awesome! I have to agree with your DH, Mona--time to put this on a wall.

Helen Wallace said...

Beautiful Art work Mona. As others have said, I think you are tough on yourself. I'd be delighted to have your art on my wall. It's so interesting to see the process.

Susan Lankford said...

It is absolutely amazing to me that you create such beauty out of the first "rough" drafts/beginnings of your paintings. Funny..when I look at a beautiful painting, I don't think how the starting and mid-points looked! Many would be satisfied to have your paintings just as they are...beautiful.

Kathy Bradley said...

So very, very gorgeous - and it makes me smile!

María Alba Negrón said...

Hi Mona,

You are so wrong!!!! That style of painting is called SUBLIME!!!!
And YES , you should start hanging them on your walls, they are SPECTACULAR! Once again I am willing to "sacrifice" myself so you can send me your "rejects"!
I hope that your sister is doing much better! Our thoughts are with you and your family!

María Alba

Greta said...

You ended up with a beautiful painting, Mona, that deserves to hang in your house!

Lisa said...

Oh wow, Mona, it's absolutely stunning!! That vase grabbed my attention first!! You did an amazing job!! The flowers are gorgeous!! Wow!! I love this!! So spectacular!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Sue Lelli said...

Your vase is amazing and your flowers are just WOW! Beautiful!

Patty O'Malley said...

I'm amazed that you don't hand your paintings up, Mona! They are all beautiful! I most certainly would display any of your paintings if I had one.

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